Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My birthday evening

We had planned to go to the boardwalk on my birthday evening because just randomly the date was the same day as a whole bunch of great deals at the park. Usually rides are $3 a person and they were $1. They also had food and drink offers for a buck. Unfortunately, when Joel got home from work he wasn't feeling well. It was a good think the kids and I went with out him. He called us not long after we left and was getting sick...he thinks it was food poisoning. Could have been a touch of something also but it hit him hard. He didn't sleep much that night but woke up feeling better.

The kids are stoked - this was their first time with cotton candy. Of course they loved it.

Beautiful Evie and aggressive Ethan at the wheel...

It got late fast. The kids had a blast and as any parent knows, when your kids are happy...you are happy. I had a fantastic night too.

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