Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday breakfast

We started my birthday morning with lots of hugs and snuggles and birthday wishes and then we were off to breakfast at the buttery. Our favorite bakery & cafe.

Ethan is eating a cookie. He said "look mom, I can take my time" and he takes the tiniest bite. He often inhales his goodies and then wants Evie's. She always takes her time and enjoys her treats.

This is Joel and my favorite breakfast from the buttery. The sweet treats come after this. This is called Croque Monsieur - Ham, carmalized onions, Swiss cheese, b├ęchamel and medium poached eggs on toasted sour wheat bread. I can't wait for my mom and dad to visit - my dad's going to LOVE this.

My birthday was fantastic. We had a play date with Ethan's school class at a local park after breakfast. All of the preschool and pre-K teachers and aids were there along with many parents and classmates. We met Joel for lunch at our favorite sushi place and then the kids and I went swimming in the afternoon. Sadly Joel came home from work with food poisoning or a touch of something. The kids and I went to the boardwalk in the evening. I'll post pictures later but it was a fun evening. Sadly, without my hubby. He did wake up the next morning feeling back to himself though. Thanks again to all of you for your wonderful birthday wishes.

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