Saturday, May 9, 2009

Uncle Emil's Farm

We went to Uncle Emil's farm to visit my cousin Michelle and her family who are visiting from Colorado and her folks and my cousin Teresa who are visiting from Texas.

Evie had fun playing on Uncle Emil's tractor. She is checking out Ethan down below...

Doesn't this thing go any faster...

Evie is trying hard to figure out how this thing works

Elijah (my cousin Michelle's oldest) is taking Evie on a test drive

Ethan is giving Elijah and Christian (my cousin Teresa's oldest) a push

Ethan wanted to say bye bye to the cows, we're on our way to the creek. Almost every time we visit the farm we walk to the creek and kick rocks into the water. My mom and her brothers and sisters used to play in the creek when they were kids too.

I decided to push Ethan in the stroller and give my back a break. Evie is making him laugh. She is a good big sister.

Evie and her cousin Claudia

What fun to be a kid...

A look back at the farm

Evie brought her basket to collect rocks to throw in to the creek and pick dandelions.

Evie gave Ethan a dandelion and by the looks of it he thinks it's bitter but he didn't want to stop eating it. He was mad when I took it away.

Evie and Claudia are gathering rocks to throw into the creek

Bob and Elijah - kicking rocks and watching them fall into the creek. I remember doing exactly that since I can remember.

A view of the creek. It has been a good spring so far, everything is quickly turning green again.

Heading back to the farm

Mandy and Michelle - Ethan and Maggie are hitching a stroller ride.

Little Evie sauce-pants

Evie and Ethan having fun getting dirty

Christian and Elijah riding around the farm.

It's always fun playing in the corn. I remember playing in it when I was a kid. The most fun was playing in big trucks or silo's of soybeans and corn. We would totally burry our bodies and try to swim in it.

Saying goodbye - I can't believe Claudia is giving Evie a kiss. Evie is usually the one who wants to hold her hand and hug her and Claudia usually isn't up for it. This is the first time I have seen the affection the other way was a cute surprise. I'm not sure Evie knew what to do.

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