Saturday, May 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I realized when we were in Taiwan many of the people following the blog have not been to Lincoln or Tomac Bikes headquarters. This post is some before and afters of our home/Tomac office

We moved to Lincoln in June of 2006. Evie and I flew back in March to meet my new nephew Anderson and meet with a real estate agent in hopes of finding a home over the weekend. I didn't find us the perfect house that trip but I knew the general area and type of layout we were looking for. My mom kept up the search when we flew home and happened upon this 1940's charmer. She and Mandy met the owners and e-mailed us lots of pictures. We called the owners and they accepted our offer. We didn't actually see our new home until we pulled up with our moving truck.

OLD: The Smith family June 2006. Evie was 6 months old.

NEW: May 2009. We have done small changes to the exterior. We updated the purple door and columns and added black shutters. A new driveway and a little landscaping too I guess.

OLD: Photo (before we moved) of the backyard. We replaced the patio and 'crooked teeth' wall as we called it, removed the non working gas lamp and dog kennel and buried the power lines you see hanging across the backyard.

OLD: North view. We planted grass and bushes and removed the old gas grill

OLD: Evie loved sitting under the tree scooping up handfuls of dirt to rub on her legs.

NEW: Current north view

NEW: Backyard view. We added a play set for Evie and Ethan, a few trees and I just planted some new flowers...

...That Ethan is trying to dig up. I have actually watched him back up to a flower plant and sit down on it like it is a little chair.

OLD: The Tomac Office. The office has been rearranged quite a few times over the past three years. It started in what is now Ethan's room before we hired Clarke. Clarke is good guy, especially to the kids. Evie is just hanging out on his lap. She is and always has been in his personal space. It's kind of crazy that he has really been able to watch she and Ethan grow up.

Currently it's just Joel and I in here and Clarke sits through the green doors you see there. He created a cool little work shop for himself over the winter.

Clarke in his office.

Evie and Jay, our business banker. He loves to make house calls to his number one client. He just had a son a few months ago and gets a kick out of Evie. Just before I took their picture he was spinning her around in the office chair. Only in Nebraska I think...

Tomac lobby...and our living room...

OLD: Dining room picture before we moved in -we kept the paint scheme in the dining room but did a little remodel in the kitchen

OLD: We removed this wall going in to the kitchen

NEW: This is our current dining room

NEW: This is looking into the kitchen after the remodel

OLD: Before construction, looking into the dining room (pics taken before we moved)

OLD: View of kitchen (pics taken before we moved)

OLD: West wall

OLD: Evie was a big help during construction. Our contractor didn't mind. He has lots of grandkids of his own and enjoyed Evie helping him.

NEW: West wall

NEW: current view of kitchen

NEW: current view looking into the dining room

OLD: picture taken before we moved - we ran into a lot of interesting things when we remodeled the bathroom...the light switch and heater vent were in the shower, the medicine cabinet was a glass door facade and behind it was a huge hole in the wall with exposed wiring and wood framing, etc.
Demolition man. Joel is busy fitting our new medicine cabinet.

OLD: Evie enjoyed playing with the unused paint brushes while I painted the ceiling. I should have taken the picture before we removed the fabulous wood shutters. It was hard to part with them (and the ancient wicker ceiling fans in each bedroom)

OLD: Joel getting rid of the old linoleum. West view

NEW: Bathroom - overall the project even with all of our unexpected surprises was much easier than we expected.
NEW: West view. Someday I would like to put a built-in bench across the wall under the window with little shelves, etc.

Ethan's room

OLD: Evie's room (picture taken before we moved in)

NEW: Evie's room

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