Monday, May 25, 2009

Tomac Bike Shipment

We received our Tomac Bike order and Chris, the owner of Cycle Works Bike Shop, was kind enough to let us unload the truck in his parking lot and store some of the bikes there. Last year it was a bit tight trying to unload the bikes and inventory them in our driveway...

Cycleworks is the Tomac Bike dealer in Lincoln.

...and just a few more bikes...

Joel taking inventory before the truck drives away and we start shuttling bikes to the Tomac office (home).

The staging area for shipments waiting to go out in the next few days.

Now that the shipment arrived, Clarke is busy prepping bikes for a demo event in Colorado

Evie and Ethan enjoyed playing hide and seek in the maze of boxes

And yes, even the living room turned into a staging area for an order waiting to go out.

After waiting for two days for the trucking company to pick up the orders they both arrived with-in seconds of each other. They literally passed each other in the street...

Looking left from our driveway

Looking right from our driveway

Our neighbors Mark and Sarah were on a walk with their daughter and thankfully lent a hand during the scramble to get the bikes from the house and on the trucks. After Sarah helped get the boxes from the house to the curb she took the kids in the backyard while Joel and Mark finished loading the truck.

Another day in the life of Tomac Bikes...

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