Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's day at the Zoo

After lunch we went to the zoo to celebrate mother's day. The Zoo offered mothers a free train ride and a free ice cream sundae. Unfortunately we didn't have time for either of them but we had a great time.

Butch is giving Evie a ride.

Of course we can't stop by the goats with out feeding them.

Evie was feeding this little goat and he surprised her by nibbling on her finger.

Ethan is so aggressive. He rams the food in their mouth whether it's open or not.

The butterfly pavilion is not open yet but the kids always have fun playing on the caterpillar

Happy Mother's day...what a fun day to be a mom.

Playing in the sand pit. Ethan is trying to fill his tiny cup with this huge shovel.

Evie is making a pitcher of lemonade.

Of course I would like a glass of lemonade. How can I resist anything from that scrunchy face.

Evie is having fun on the spider web...

...and Ethan is just chilling out watching his big sister

Evie found some boys and a pile of dirt and sticks to play with...perfect.

Evie is feeding Leo, the paper eating lion. Leo was around when I was Evie's age. We always had fun collecting paper we found on the ground...or in mom's purse to feed Evie is going through my purse for one more receipt or gum wrapper.

Evie chatting it up with a helper at Stego's Big Dig.

And a fun way to end the afternoon -our site as we were exiting the zoo.

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