Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pioneer's Park

We went to Pioneer's Park tonight to visit the Nature Center but arrived just before closing time so we decided to check out the animals and play at the park.

Ethan is pretty excited - he is making sure I know that there is something over there...

A closer look at the reindeer

The kids had a good time picking dandelions.

Evie loves picking the ones that she can blow the seeds.

A little hug from Evie. I'm showing off my just got done doing yard work, lets go to the park look.
Ethan saw me on the ground with Evie and had to get in there too. He is so jealous of any attention I give her. I'll gladly take the hug though.

Buffalo...of course what you'd expect at a park in Nebraska, right?

Our busy little Ethan taking time to smell the flowers
He was more excited to throw pine cones though.

Yes, we're pulling a Britney Spears move here...we're on our way to the park from the animals on a quiet little road inside the park itself...the kids of course had a great time riding in the front seat.

Ethan is wondering why I stopped pushing him to take a picture.

Having fun on the teeter tauter with dad

This is one of those moments that Ethan looks like such a little peanut...

And...we're off to dinner.

On our way to home and two happy kids...

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