Saturday, May 9, 2009

Evie's bird house

We went to Lowe's tonight and I noticed a sign when we were at the register about build clinics for kids. When I inquired about future classes they said they had extra supplies from the birdhouse clinic they had earlier that morning. It was late when we got home so Evie and Joel built her birdhouse but she had to wait to paint it until the next day.

Evie and Joel building Evie's first birdhouse

Evie being her goofy self for the camera. Joel is stoked that Evie didn't pound a nail into her finger.

Evie has been waiting all morning to paint her birdhouse.

Of course Ethan wants to get in there too. Evie was so sweet and let Ethan try painting too but it was quickly a mess. He would dab a huge amount of paint on the brush and wipe it on himself on the way to the birdhouse. He quickly lost interest and wanted to paint everything but the birdhouse.

Ethan loved painting himself and the ground...of course he tried eating the brush too...
Our little artist hard at work

Evie's (very colorful) finished work of art

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