Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Providence University Night Market

We went to the Providence University night market tonight with Dylan. This market has a lot of games and kids clothing as well as typical Taiwan fare. The first game we played was ring toss. At first, Evie was a bit reserved and held her ring tightly while she watched Joel, Dylan and myself play. When she finally decided to take her turn she actually won...before any of us adults. She tossed her ring on an orange plastic swan. After that, she was excited to keep playing.

Dylan's strategy is to get as close to the object as possible. I guess it's legal as long as your foot doesn't go past the board on the ground.

Here is Evie playing and holding onto her prize. She proudly held onto it the rest of the night

Chicken feet anyone?

Glazed strawberries on a stick. Of course Evie wanted these
Fried sweet potato balls
Evie asked if she could try shooting the gun so Joel let her and as luck had it Joel could have had a perfect score if he would have had one more bullet

Evie loved this game. The object was to get the ball into the hole of a moving target. Evie's random firing was pretty good. For her prize she picked out a little pink pot and pan set
I ate dinner at a mongolian style buffet. As I filled my bowl the girl next to me tried to tell me to add more. I guess it was one price for as much as you could put in your bowl. This was her bowl. I did add more to mine but it was still about a fourth of the size of hers. My meal with rice was under $5.00

Joel and Dylan had a spicy beef noodle dish that was great...also under $3.00

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