Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kenstone Factory Year End Party

Our dinner table. Next to Joel is Jayu Yang, the owner's daughter and the manager of the sales department. To her right is Rob from PMG; the factory that makes our carbon frames. To the right of Evie is Dylan Huang, Tomac's employee in Taiwan and to his right is Sally Yang, the person that handles our sales account at Kenstone. The picture of Ethan and Evie about sums up the night. Evie was a total social butterfly and Ethan was reserved, scared and at this point, crying and ready for bed.

I don't know why but this was the only person that held Ethan for more than a few seconds without him crying or trying to get away.
Evie was a social butterfly the entire evening. She made her way to almost every table to say hello. She loved the attention. She always has. We went to a year end party when we were here two years ago and Evie was passed from one person to the next and never noticed that mom wasn't holding her. Ethan was not like that at all. About 20 different times people would take him from my arms to hold him and almost immediately he would try to get away, look totally frightened and start crying. If I were holding him he would reach out his hand to touch them but didn't want anyone to hold him. Joel and I are amazed how different he is than Evie at almost the same age.

Evie posing for another picture. She enjoyed dancing to the karaoke music too.


  1. How neat! Are the Taiwanese still fascinated with American babies? I remember a video you took of Evie last time and am wondering if the interest is still there.

  2. Joel, Donny said it's good you can call up your last year end party and laugh. It's so good to have pictures and updates.