Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 40th Birthday Joel

Lets eat cake!
Evie was so excited to dig in...

Evie helped Joel blow out his candles.

Singing Happy Birthday to Joel.

Happy 40th Birthday Joel

Taiwan cake from FM Station; a bakery just down the street.

Joel's birthday dinner at our favorite restaurant in Taichung. It's a vegetarian restaurant owned by Monks. The food is a bit weird sounding but tastes amazing. What you see on the table is tree mushrooms, sweet potato leaves, lemon noodles and a brown rice dish. The kids loved it. The couple at the table behind us offered Evie some of their tofu and she actually liked it.

Evie and mommy in the taxi. This was Evie's first taxi ride since we have been in Taichung. She was pretty excited.

Ethan enjoyed watching all the scooters buzz by.

Evie picked out this cow cupcake from FM Bakery when we got Joel's cake. I told her she could eat it in the stroller on our way home and she surprised me and wanted to wait until we got home. She looked so cute holding her little goodie bag though.

I thought the helmets looked so cool on this tree...

The kids and I saw this tree when we were on our mission to find birthday candles. It sounds like an easy task but not here in Taiwan I guess. We did find some eventually but they don't have them at grocery stores and they don't have party stores.

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