Monday, January 26, 2009

Arriving in Bangkok, Thailand

Little Evie saucy-pants

Ethan was pretty excited about the planes.

You can still see his black eye

Joel and Evie, just chilling before take off.

We're on our way to Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok, dropped our bags off at the hotel and walked across the street for lunch. Luckily they had pictures to point at. (Joel's comment) Carrie found the nastiest, street corner food stop and decided that's where we were going to eat. It was under $5 for Pad Thai, Shrimp Fried Rice, Hanaam Chicken, two Cokes and a fruit shake. Perhaps some of the best food of the trip.

The cook making our shrimp Pad Thai. It was excellent and only about $1.50

Rice anyone?

Evie enjoying her mango smoothie

Our hotel; The Grand Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is a main street going through town.

Our view of the city from the 33rd floor. Looking right.
View looking left.
After Ethan's nap we took the sky train to a street market that was unfortunately closed already. We then took a motorcycle taxi to a restaurant recommended in our tour book. Traffic is horrible in the city! It's like rushour on the 405 day and night. The kids were overly tired and hungry by the time we got there. It was hard to enjoy our meal. One of us was walking the kids around outside while the other ate. Evie fell asleep on our walk back to the hotel.

At the restaurant before the kids wouldn't sit still any longer...

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  1. Carrie-thank you for sharing all of this with us.