Monday, January 26, 2009

Bangkok Day #4 and arriving in Railay Bay

Arriving at Krabi Airport, getting ready to step outside and begin the real sweating.

We grabbed lunch while waiting for our boat to Railay Bay. Joel got Ethan to come to the restaurant by teasing him with a yellow flower.

As we enjoyed our view at lunch we had no idea we would soon be dragging our bags to one of the boats out there.

Turns out luggage wheels don't roll so well on wet sand. It didn't help the bag was twice the weight of the guy pulling it.

We were following our boat captain but we had no idea where we were headed. There was no dock and the boats were pretty far out in the water. Luckily, we had our stroller, which can be very helpful as you can imagine.

When we got to the water the captain said take off your shoes. We were walking to our boat. Our adventure to Railay Bay had officially begun.

Our captain was pretty cool. He kept playing peek-a-boo with Ethan.

We have arrived. Feeling pretty wilted, but excited to be here.

There is our little streaker. He made himself right at home.
There is Evie, still totally sacked.
We enjoyed Dunkin Donuts for breakfast before heading to the airport. (Joel) Donny, weren't we meeting at 9AM?
Ummm... I guess this means it was good.
We thought it was a shrine, but it turns out it was the Snake Venom Extraction area. We just didn't find out this fact until about ten days after we went through it.

Our hotel in Railay Bay video

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