Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mountain bike riding in Taichung

Joel ran into this group of guys doing downhill runs at the park we ride at. They know of another riding area and will take Joel with them next time they go.

To our surprise there is a great dirt single track trail we can ride to from our apartment. To get to the trail you go through the city on some pretty sketchy but fun streets. Living in the city where it feels so overcrowded it's hard to believe that this park and open space even exists.

The trail is pretty rough and quite challenging with rocky descents and steep technical climbs. It has been such an unexpected treat to be able go on a ride out of the city and on a dirt trail. We thought we would be riding on the road while we were here

Part of the street ride to get to the trail.

One of the temples on the main road I pass when I'm riding to the trail.

The street doesn't look too busy at the moment but it's pretty sketchy riding a bike with all the scooters, cars and trucks when the roads are busy.

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