Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summer day...

With the recent heat wave the kids thought it was a summer day. They had fun playing in the backyard in the water from the snow melt. Ethan however, kept taking his clothes piece at a time. He was stubborn of course when I insisted that it's not summer and he had to keep shoes and clothes on.

Evie, dragging her boots around in a boat she made.

Evie took such time to make perfect snowballs. She and Ethan then threw them into the water and watched them disappear.

And, Ethan made snowballs also...barely dressed. He even wanted to take his undies off. He eventually got his clothes back on.

It did make me smile to see Ethan in his huge soggy blue undies and bright yellow boots - although he won't think so when he sees these someday.

Good times. Playing in the snow on a fantastically warm day.

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