Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last day in CA...

After meeting with the school in Santa Cruz and going to Joel's surprise interview with Specialized in Morgan Hill we made our way to San Francisco. We had some time to site see and relax after what seemed like a pretty intense past few days.

Driving under the Bay Bridge on our way to our hotel

Our hotel was only a few blocks from Fishermans Warf. The picture shows Evie stoked on her bed and daddy passed out on his. It's truly how we felt...the kids were energized and the parents were exhausted.

A look at Alcatraz from the Warf

Joel was throwing bread in the air and the seagulls were eating it mid-flight. It was cool to watch.

We took a trolly to China Town. It is neat watching the trolly turn around.

All aboard...
A cool building in China Town. The side was painted with dragons and then of course the laundry hanging gave it a lot of character.

Evie got a few fortune cookies from this nice man as we passed his restaurant. She is our social butterfly. The fortunes were also quite appropriate considering the decisions we were trying to make on this trip.

Ethan fell asleep in the stroller but that didn't stop Evie from giving him his fortune cookie. It sat on his lap for a long time before we took a picture of them together. It was funny to see him sacked out with the cookie on his lap for some reason.

We let the kids play at the park near China Town before heading to the pier. I wanted to see the Bay Bridge at sunset.

Evie and daddy at the pier with the Bay Bridge behind
Ethan loved watching the boats go by

Watching the sunset through the buildings was beautiful.

The kids enjoyed playing in the fountain. This was right in front of the restaurant we were eating dinner at. The view of the Bay Bridge was nice too.

We had the biggest treat for dinner tonight. Joel knows a guy that did marble/granite work for this restaurant and they gave him a credit to the restaurant as a thank you. Anyway, he and his wife still have a huge credit even though they eat there often so he told us to go and enjoy and put it on his credit - and we did. We had some of the best sushi.

We splurged on martini's and this lobster roll. It had 4 pieces and was $25. It was delicious of course. Everything else was pretty normal pricing but when eating suhi that means expensive. It really was a fun way to end our trip.

The next morning (5:00am - not so bright and early) we headed to the airport to start our trip to NE.

Ariel and her prince had a nice view of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge as we took off

The kids are so cute as they watch a movie. They are still small enough to share a seat and table tray. I looked at them and thought it was cute to see Evie with her around Ethan.

The kids enjoying a carpet picnic in the Denver airport. Unfortunately we had a 4 hour lay over there but the kids did well. Not too restless...

Ethan watching as we get closer to Lincoln. The sunset was so pretty and the ground covered in snow.


  1. I loved looking at your pictures. We used to live in that area and have many of the same pictures in the same spots etc. My dh used to work in San Fran.... we often went to santa cruz and morgan hill on the weekends. It looks like you had a great time. We ended up moving out of there 2 years ago since it was so expensive.

  2. We love you all so much and will continue to pray that the Lord leads you in your decision.