Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On our way to Santa Cruz, CA

I'm behind on posting but thought I'd add some pictures while I did work tonight. We made a trip to CA for a possible job opportunity for Joel as I think all of you know by now. We departed Lincoln last Saturday. Evie said she is kissing everyone goodbye.

The kids were great on the flight. Evie and Ethan read magazines and then got busy with their toys after take off.

The kids bring what we call their 'happy packs'. We found them at a rummage sale in Taiwan. They were full of dry markers when we bought them but the pockets are just the right size for their toys and they zip and fold up with a handle so they feel proud that they can carry their own stuff on the plane.

Pure delight - rainbow sherbet (a treat in the Denver airport)

We made it to San Francisco where we'll stay the night and meet up with our friends Ryan, Nick and their son Ewan who drove up from Reno, NV.

Our sunrise the next morning. It was dark when we got settled in the night before so I didn't take many pictures. That and Ethan wasn't feeling well and wound up throwing up on me at dinner so we had an early night.

We found a good diner for breakfast. Ethan was a snuggle bug. He is still not feeling well.

We walked back to the hotel from breakfast and decided to check out of the hotel and see a few beaches since it was so nice out.

The view from our 19th floor room

We pushed these two chairs together to make Ethan's bed for the night. The kids had fun playing in it in the morning.

Ryan, Nicole and Ewan

And...the Smith Family
Evie gathered flowers and passed them out to everyone on the beach. It was funny to see everyone with their flowers. She must have handed out 50. People were so sweet and thankful also. I think Evie loved it.

Nic and Ewan. It was Ewan's first time to the ocean.

The beach in the above pictures is China Beach. From the beach you have a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We drove down the road about 10 minutes to another beach. Ethan was happy just chilling while Evie made friends across the whole beach.

Evie and her seaweed friend. It was a good day. After this we're on our way to Santa Cruz.

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