Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Capitola, CA

We stayed in Capitola while we were in Santa Cruz. The kids and I walked to the local mall for lunch and to look around while Joel was at his meeting on Monday. Evie danced in the grass and loved being outside.

Ethan, not feeling well. This is before we took him to the doctor.

I thought he might eat a hotdog from the famous California Hotdog on a stick. Evie loved hers but Ethan didn't have an appetite.

And then I thought for sure Ethan would eat DQ...maybe this was selfishly for myself but Ethan didn't touch his.

Ahhhh...something that makes Ethan feel better...

Later that afternoon when Joel got back from his meeting we took Ethan to the doctor. I thought for sure our doctor was gay and at the end of our appointment he mentioned something about his wife loving to shop...oops.

Yes, it was nice enough to swim. Evie swam three days in a row and loved it.

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