Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Ethan. I can't believe he's 3!!! Aunt Louise sent him the trucks he's having breakfast with.

Ethan was so cute as he picked out his cupcakes this morning to take to school. He was quite the hero walking into class with all this sugar...

Aunt Mandy and Claudia met us for lunch. Our plan after lunch was to see an afternoon movie but when we got to the theater the movie wasn't showing until evening.

Instead of the movie the kids wanted to go to the pet store located in the same complex and play with the puppies. I'm not a huge animal lover but it was worth it to see the kids having so much fun. Claudia was in Heaven. She kept asking Mandy if she could bring a puppy home. Luckily ours didn't - I'm not ready for that.

Ethan has me trapped.

Ethan was so giggly when the puppy touched him.


  1. Happy Birthday Ethan, looks like you're a big boy now!

  2. It does look like fun playing with the baby puppies.