Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy St. Valentines Day

It was another fantastic day to be outside. The kids had fun splashing around. Evie has taught Ethan to play dress up but he doesn't want to be pretty princess anymore. He's sporting his boxing outfit this morning. He's quite the brute with his boxing gloves on too. Watch out when he comes a swinging -he puts his back into it.

Coming through...he likes to ride through the water and splash

My little boxer before he shed his jacket. It's hard to keep clothes on that boy.

After quite a while the kids came in and I found them huddled around the space heater

The kids got a Valentines package from Daddy. He will be home from Taiwan on Thursday night. Mommy got a package also with my favorite see's candy. I'm trying to save a piece for Joel but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Sorry sweetie.

We are off to take Evie to preschool.

My big helpers made cupcakes for a few of their neighbor friends. We also have the coolest elderly woman across the street that loves when the kids come visit. Her house is a museum of rad gadgets and trinkets. Somehow the kids are always so gentle when we're there and she doesn't mind if they touch. She really has sooooo much to look at. She has a fantastic sense of humor and makes visiting fun.

Decorating is the most fun.

We'll maybe eating them is more fun...

Evie carefully selected what cupcakes went on what plate for which friend. After visiting with our neighbors and delivering cupcakes we went to the Clarks' house for heart shaped pizza. Besides my hubby not being home it was a pretty great St. Valentines Day.

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