Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A visit from the loops

Ethan and Evie woke up to a big surprise; my cousin and her husband from Denver came for the morning with Maggie and Elijah.

Ethan and Maggie. She and Evie were immediately playing dress up.

Elijah and Evie in the tree house.

Later in the morning we went to the Chalk Cliff fish hatchery. The kids love feeding the fish. The fish jump like piranha's over one piece of food.

That's why we only give Ethan a bit of food in his bucket at at time.

The geese found out we were there and are coming to pick up our scraps.

Evie found a branch and she and Maggie were pretending it was an umbrella and singing 'the old man is snoring...'

For lunch we went to the fire pit and roasted hot dogs, marshmallows, and grilled salmon.

Maggie and Ethan.
A storm blew in quickly. The kids hid under a tree and finished their hot dogs in the rain. The storm also blew past quickly.

And one of my favorite meals, Salmon and veggies on the grill.

The boys on their way back to sunshine ranch.

The girls had just enough time to play more dress up before the Loops headed back to Denver and Ethan went down for a nap. It was a short trip but the kids had fun.

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  1. What gorgeouse princesses in Colorado. It seems Ethan has grown inches since you've left.