Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Buena Vista

We needed to return a video in Buena Vista and made a play date out of the trip into town. Ethan is riding down the driveway on his bike and we're driving behind him. He looked so cute. He was so stoked too. When he finally got in the car he was telling me all about how he was riding his bike so fast.

We played in the river for a bit. Evie and Ethan found a few friends. I thought it was so funny how the kids all wanted to be on the same rock, no matter which rock it was. At one point Ethan was on there too. They played nicely. They were playing they were paddling their boat.

Ethan, just soaking it all in...

Who needs weights...I've got my 30 lb one with me 24/7

Ethan, so proud of himself. I know I say this all the time but I just want to squeeze his face.

After playing in the river we had lunch in the park. Here are my two totally animated goofballs.


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  1. How many outfits do you pack for an afternoon out. After getting one outfit wet soaked, eating in another and rolling around in the grass, you probably had a load of laundry to do when you got back home. We love and miss you.