Sunday, July 11, 2010


I haven't been feeling the best since we arrived in Colorado and I realized that also means I haven't taken hardly any pictures of the kids either. We have been having a good time swimming, going on quad rides and nature hikes. The kids love to explore and turn over rocks to find interesting things like their grandpa Malcolm taught them.

Ethan and Evie were throwing water balloons with Joel. The rule was throwing them from the wall so it would give Joel an extra second to make another balloon. Otherwise they would just take them from him and throw them straight down on the ground. Obviously excited to pop them.

Yeah, water balloons...

Joel was trying to fill them as fast as they could throw them.

I walked out to check on the kids and had to run grab my camera. It was so funny to see Evie ready for her wedding and Ethan in the sprinter. Ethan of course driving. He is possessive about the wheel.

Joel and Clarke have been busy video taping material to piece together for a presentation for dealers and distributors. The videos look amazing because of the scenery. Joel is standing in front of a bike and Clarke is doing the taping.


  1. Wow! I'm glad you're feeling better now. What is the sprinter?

  2. If Joel ever wants to make water balloons ahead of time, put them in a bucket or large container of water. If they are in water they kind of float and don't weigh down on each other and break.