Saturday, July 10, 2010

Omaha Zoo with my cousin Michelle and her family

We met my cousin Michelle and her family at the Omaha zoo. It was the first time we had been there this year. It's a fantastic zoo and it seems like every time we go there is something new to explore. Michelle and her family were in town from Colorado and Texas for the annual Tvrdy family reunion. Ethan has his water bottle from grandma potter and his fruit snacks...and he's ready to go.

Ethan, Maggie and Evie are all checking out the hippo below

Our little monkey swinging on a vine...

Ethan, trying to give a penguin a hug

Evie and Ethan in the fish aquarium tunnel

The kids were fascinated watching the lady clean the tank

Maggie caught a butterfly in the butterfly pavilion.

The pavilion is so fantastic with so many exotic species.

Ethan sacked out. I hoped he would hold on until we started our drive back to Lincoln but he woke up right as we were loading into the car. He was good on our way home though.

Evie and Maggie checking out the gorillas

And a ice cream treat to end a great day as the zoo

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