Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 4th of July

I am pretty behind on posting as you can see. We are on our way to the neighborhood 4th of July parade. It's usually a big family gathering but the parade was moved to 3:00pm because the holiday was on a Sunday. It was nice that we could have our usual Sunday routine but it did throw the parade off a bit. Ethan missed it because he was napping so Evie did the parade solo with her neighborhood friends. It was still fun but different not having her cousins there. Grandma and Grandpa and Mandy and Bob met up with us after the parade.

It was a rainy day. It basically rained the entire morning and nicely stopped 10 minutes before the parade started. It stayed dry the rest of the day so we could light fireworks too.

This fireman is giving some important fire safety rules and talking to the kids about Engine #8

After the parade Evie held the fire hose.

We met up with grandma and grandpa after the parade. They are so fun - total kids at heart. I feel so grateful to live in Lincoln and have the time we do with them.

We celebrated Mandy's birthday which is on the 5th. It's always a good excuse for DQ cake. Mom made a great cake also with jello mixed into the cake. It was yummy. I of course overate.

Time for fireworks. Delphina caught a huge parachute.

Joe, Bob's oldest son.

Ethan paying close attention. He loved the fireworks.

Evie and our neighbor Owen. Making a mess with snakes.

Did I mention they made a mess...

Joel, mom, Mandy, me and Bob

Joel of course picking on Evie and grandpa Potter

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