Monday, July 12, 2010

Park in Salida, CO

The kids and I went to Salida to play at the park, dinner and to get a few groceries. Joel and Clarke are on their way back from Cortez tonight. The testing with Johnny went pretty well. A few changes but no major setbacks.

Evie met a friend, Opal. She and Evie ran off together and hid behind her umbrella next to a tree. Her dad said she's probably ripping up grass looking for bugs...I knew she and Evie would hit it off. They are both four and so similar in the way they played. Here they are pretending to be coyote sleeping in their den (the different colored grass). Ethan had fun chasing them too.

I don't know how the kids didn't have belly aches but they found a crab apple tree and ate them even though they were sour.

Evie and Ethan were wrestling and Opal ran and jumped right on both of them. They really had a good time playing. Opal and her family live in Salida, just around the corner from the park.

We rode bikes around the park before we played so we're just riding back to the car. Evie is still sporting one last balloon from the 4th of July parade.

One of Colorado's picturesque Sky's on our drive back to Sunshine Ranch.

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  1. Oh, all the pictures make me ache for Colorado. It's fun to recognize some of the places you are taking pictures, like the park with the post office (or is that the library?) behind it. Cheers! You lucky ducks!! :)