Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom and Dad's party

Sunday was a big day as we prepared for my parent's party. We are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, my dad's 65th birthday and my mom's 60th birthday. Laurie and Mandy came over to put the table arrangements together.

We scrambled a bit to get everything set before guest arrived but the party turned out really well. We all had a great time.

We sang happy birthday as mom and dad blew out their birthday candles and then they fed each other a piece of their anniversary cake. My dad went along with it but kept yelling out 'this is cheesy'.

Laurie had the fantastic idea to put together a kids table. The kids were immediately drawn to it and were busy while we all greeted guest and partied...

And of course, the chow line.

It's almost cake time. The kids anxiously waited all afternoon.

How much do you love your pacy Ethan? "this much mama"

Just a few of the kids. Mom and Dad gave all the grandkids matching shirts for Easter and it was fun to see all the bright color running around the place.

Mom and dad impressed everyone by singing the song 'walk through this world with me', the song my dad sang to my mom when he asked her to marry him 40 years ago. They did a great job. I know it wasn't easy to sing in front of everyone but it was the highlight of the night. Something everyone will for sure remember.

At the end of a fun evening. We love you mom and dad.

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