Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Saying goodbye to Gonzaga Bay

We did have a good time in Gonzaga, considering Ethan accident. I didn't post much with everything that happened. I'll try to post later if I get time.

Ethan is busy trying to work the mic on his headset and Evie is moments away from a nap. She was asleep moments after take off. Ethan took a nap too but unfortunately not at the same time. I could have taken one too.

Ethan saying it's bright as we walk to the plane after fueling up in Mexicali.

This is looking at the border between CA and Mexico. The farm fields are CA. I'm not sure if you can see it but their is a fence in the wash which is the border.

Just as we started our flight away from Gonzaga

Leaving Gonzaga. Goodbye Smith family; see you in Riverside.

Evie, our little princess is helping Ryan-the-pilot cook steaks for dinner. You can't see it but he is wearing her headband. Ryan is Ashley's fiance and a fantastic guy. He is super nice and easy going. The kids love him. We all love him.

Evie was up at sunrise. We enjoyed a morning walk down the beach collecting seashells and making sand angels.

Our last morning in Gonzaga.

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