Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ethan's stitches...

Ethan had an accident while he and Evie were jumping off a docked jet ski onto the sand. The metal stand fell and hit Ethan in the forehead. He was a trooper but it was a scary night for all of us. The cut was deep and needed about 40 stitches when it was done. We are hours away from a hospital and because it was evening we were not able to fly out. Luckily there was a doctor on the beach who was able stitch Ethan up and who happened to have her surgical box because she had a young daughter with her. We are so grateful she was here. She was driving home the next morning at 6:00am so our night would have been very different if she wouldn't have been here. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Ethan is okay and we'll be heading home and meeting with a family doctor of the Smith family to make sure Ethan is okay. So far today his eyes are swollen and black and blue but he is in good spirits.

This is Ethan and Evie the next day. Ethan was in good spirits considering the ordeal he went through only hours before. They had fun finding crabs on the beach.

This was the next morning. We has a really rough night but Ethan had a good day, considering. He is sporting his jammies that say "chicks dig scars" Just randomly.

This is our hero Lynn who stitched Ethan up. She is a doctor who happened to be on the beach and leaving the next morning at 6:00am so we feel really lucky that she was here to help us. She has medical boxes that had most of what she needed to fix up Ethan. The other option of driving 8 hours to the nearest hospital was frightening and since it was dark we couldn't fly out.

Ethan after his stitches. He has almost 40 of them since his cut was sooo deep. He was a good boy and held surprisingly still.

The operating room - the living room at Casa Azul...

The neighbors who came to help. Word traveled quickly up and down the beech so everyone who thought they could help tried to. People quickly brought their first aid kits and were very kind.


  1. Oh guys, we are so sorry to here about our little guy. I think we better pray that he is assigned an extra couple guardian angels.

  2. HOLY COW! I'm so glad that there was someone there who could help. I really take for granted having a hospital two minutes away. Hope that Ethan heals well!

  3. We'd love to have the doctor's name and address to send a thank you.