Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gonzaga Bay

We are on our way to Gonzaga Bay, in style. Ashley's fiance Ryan is a pilot and we were able to take his cousin's plane. Joyce and Malcolm drove the 10 hour drive with all our food, etc. The closest grocery store is hours away so we pack everything in. We even flew out of Riverside airport so our day was as easy as it gets.

Ryan and Joel.
Were on our way.

The little strip you see is where Grandma and Grandpa's house is at Gonzaga Bay. The strip you see is only about 150 feet wide from water to water.

Morning sunrise looking at the bay. It was about 5:00am when Ethan started squawking. He was back asleep soon after but I couldn't fall back asleep.

Joel and Ethan are off to explore for a bit.

We are on our way to the local market to buy a few things. When we were here two years ago the market was this tiny whole in the wall where you could basically get gas siphoned into old soda bottles...and now it's a regular gas station with a convenience store. Business is good for them. They are the closest store within a few hour drive.

Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Malcolm checking out the whale in the back bay.

Pretty unreal. I know pictures don't show the scale but it was about 16' long. It was really cool to see the side fins and tale up close.

Ethan is tuckered from his adventurous day. He is snoozing on a bean bag on the beach...not a bad place for a nap...

This was one of our stops on our adventurous day trip by watercraft. This was a pumice island. The kids had fun playing in the stones.

A stop for lunch at a cove on another island. We saw lots of seagull and pelicans babies.

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