Thursday, June 10, 2010

Downtown LA and Jessica

We hit downtown LA to the jewelry district to get a ring made for Dylan in Taiwan's fiance.

Evie giving her shout outs in front of the city library.

Stopping for a drink on our way to the jewelry store. I just want to squeeze Ethan's face off...

Evie saw the 7-eleven and was excited that they have them in CA, just like they do in Taiwan.

It was nearly two hours getting the ring for Dylan. Ethan slept in the stroller and Evie was so fantastic just looking at the jewelry and being such a good girl that when we left we told her we would get her a special treat. She chose ice cream.

She was so sweet and shared it with Joel.

After we left LA we visited Jessica and Bryce in Costa Mesa. It was fun to check out their new place. I just always wish we could have more time together. Our visits always seem short. The kids had fun with the snails, as gross and slimy as they were.

This one traveled all the way up Evie's arm.

Jessica and Ethan

Jessica and Bryce with Ethan behind doing some fantastic splits


  1. There snails if they are in the garden, they are escargo if they are on your plate. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  2. Jessica and Bryce look happy. It is so good to see a picture of them and know you got to spend time with them.