Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pete Yorn at the Rococo

Joel and I had the chance to see Pete Yorn at the Rococo Theater here in Lincoln. It was our first concert at the venue and we were both stoked on how rad the theater was. It reminded of us the House of Blues in Hollywood which is where we saw Pete Yorn perform for the first time. The venue is quaint with a great vibe but there is such a huge difference between going to a show in Lincoln vs Hollywood. We didn't have trouble finding parking, we arrived early to the show thinking it was going to be crowded but we actually had time to kill so we chilled out and enjoyed a drink. A few minutes before Pete took the stage we walked up to the front of the stage - in Hollywood, we would arrive hours before the show and not dare move away from the stage or we would loose our spot. We didn't get elbowed all night either...and the best part was after the show was over we were back home within minutes (in LA it would be a half hour minimum of bumper to bumper traffic just to get to the freeway and then an hour on that to get home)
I took a few pictures from my phone. (this one was taken pretty far back)

I was surprised that so many people had full size cameras and were taking pictures and videos...that is also another huge difference between here and LA. I would have been busted for taking a picture with my phone in LA but here people had their zoom lenses out...

The guitarist. I didn't take more pictures but the crowd loved the tambourine guy...he was pretty energetic

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  1. Cool! We've been to one show at the Rococo and it was very impressive! :)