Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bike ride in Colorado - ski trail loop

Well these are a bit out of order (since we've been home from CO. now a month) but I downloaded some pictures from my phone the other day and had fun remembering the amazingly great mountain bike riding we were fortunate to do this summer in Colorado. This was in September a few days before we drove back to NE. This is a ride from the house into the national forest. We called it the ski trail loop because there are cross country ski signs along the route.

The ride offers a little bit of everything. I like the less rough single track like this...

And Joel says the rockier the better...

This is on the last 20 minutes of my ride. I'm on the Colorado trail riding toward the chalk cliffs. I loved watching this one tree change among the green pine trees. I sure enjoy riding in CO.

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  1. Have you ever thought about planting your own little flower along the way, so when you ride by there is your little plant, or is it illegal? Maybe a little package of larkspur?