Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christian camp art...

One of the neighbor's at sunshine ranch is a Christian camp. The kids usually keep to themselves and don't come on the Smith's property but one day Joel came back from checking out the property and said that someone recently has been on the land. We all piled in the jeep to check it out. At the time we didn't know it was work from the Christian camp but maybe someone from the forest...but then we saw the lunch trash; chip bags and soda cans. Not that a hiker couldn't carry a bag of fritos and a can of soda but it narrowed it down pretty quickly...

This artwork is on the moto track near the fire pit we have dinner and roast marshmallows at.

They made log henge out of the logs the guys used to jump their motorcycles over
We drove to the christian camp so Joel could talk to them about not being on the land, especially leaving their trash, etc. While Joel was at the camp the kids ran around collecting sticks for their pretend sword fight.

Ethan was pretty restless in the jeep on the way back to the house. Clarke finally calmed him down shaking a box of matches. We laughed at the fact that we gave him a box of matches to play with but really we try to be safe parents... Clarke is so good with the kids. We're super lucky to have him around every day. The kids love him too.

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  1. When your brother was in scouting, the kids had to make there own shelter and spend the night in it to earn a certain badge. Some of the structures look like it might be something like that.