Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finishing our drive #2

With our late start leaving Colorado we didn't make the trip home in one day like we had hoped but it actually worked out for the better. We stayed the night in North Platte and the kids had fun swimming at the hotel before bed.
The next morning we were able to see my folks who just happened to be in Grand Island for an AFLAC convention and banquet for my mom's work. The kids loved seeing grandma and grandpa.

Ethan loved riding his bike around the campsite

Evie and grandma playing with flowers and huge leaves

Grandma made Evie and Ethan a snack. The kids love playing in the camper. Of course grandma and grandpa always have good snacks. It wasn't long before we found the oreos too.

Evie is giving me the 'don't take my picture mom, I'm riding' look...
Ethan however is saying 'cheese' for me with his whole face.

My dad and Joel watching Ethan scoot his bike though the leaves...and of course their bitchen camper - I just love it. That thing has seen some sites. Winter is coming and it might finally get to rest for a while.

Ethan is using his carrot to shoot cars we pass on the road...

I guess its like a Reeses...there is no wrong way to eat it...

VIDEO: Ethan shooting with his carrot. By the time I grabbed my camera he was done. It was pretty cute...

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  1. Grandma and grandpa really enjoyed their visitors.