Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner by campfire

We are home from Colorado but I have been slow with posting this week. I'll try to finish posting our trip this weekend.

When I came back from my bike ride Joel had the car and the cooler packed and ready to have dinner by the campfire. The kids love the campfire because it means 'marshmallows'.

Evie is being a good big sister...she is telling Ethan to stay back while daddy starts the fire. Ethan found a wire for marshmallows and is ready to go...

While we wait for the fire to turn to coals the kids had a hot dog appetizer.

Evie with a little smoke in her eyes while Joel cooks her hot dog.

...And there is Ethan's hot dog...right where he threw it, in the middle of the fire.

The kids being their goofy selves

Forget about the smoking fire...check out those smoking legs...

Cooking dinner. Joel wrapped up salmon and veggies - yummy.

The kids got one marshmallow while dinner finished cooking

Ethan is just dragging his marshmallow around in the ash. Of course he wanted to do it all by himself. I traded him with a clean one when he was ready to eat his.

Dinner is served. It was fantastic too. The kids finished their plates with out a peep. Evie actually ate her salmon and most of mine and Joel's and then asked for more.

Thanks for a great dinner daddy!

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