Friday, October 2, 2009

Deer in the meadow

We went on a family quad ride to the upper meadow the other night and saw about 15 deer. The cool thing is that they weren't afraid of us and let us watch them for a long time. We went back to the meadow a few nights later and luckily they were there again. There were still about 15 but it was getting dark for pictures.

The sunset was beautiful, just like it is every night.

Evie standing on the Jeep to get a better look. She said she is freeeeezzzzing.

Clarke and Sara.

Ethan, who loves to be behind the wheel! Like father, like son...

My hubby and I.


  1. The deer are probably not afraid because they have never been hunted or chased by humans, except, of course, the day Mandy tried to join the hurd but couldn't catch up.

  2. Daddy and I were commenting on how tall Evie looks standing on the jeepster.