Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yeah, Aunt Luci is here...

Aunt Luci drove from Cali to spend a few days at Sunshine Ranch. Joel and I were going on a 'Date Night' and Luci while Luci took care of the kids. Ethan and Evie were hanging out in this old barrel just before we left. They are too cute.

Evie and Ethan giving aunt Luci lots of love.

Bye bye mom and dad.

Yeah, a date with my hubby. We went to the movie 'inception'. It was great. 2 1/2 hours actually flew by.

Joel took this a few minutes before the movie started. The theater in Salida is pretty small. They have two theaters and both of them are just a small screen and the chairs are all the same level on the floor, not stadium seating. They had ceiling fans with little lights like you might have at home. Funny but happy to go out of course. Thanks again aunt Luci for the date night.

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