Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning in Saida

A few times a week we go to Salida and swim at the hot springs pool. The kids had a great time, as usual. Joel had a ride planned with the Mountain Flyer Magazine crew so he wasn't able to join us.
Bob, Jack, Emma and Mandy

Evie and Delphina

Ethan, just chilling

Delphina and Joe

Emma, Claudia and Mandy

After we went to the hot springs we drove up spiral mountain. It's a small mountain that has a big 'S' on it for Salida. From the top of the mountain you have a pretty good view of the valley.

We were able to watch this neat rainstorm from the top of the mountain. Interesting how it was just dumping in one spot. When it started lightening we decided it was time for us to get going.

There is a neat rainbow tree near the top of the mountain that the kids totally loved.

Ethan and Evie were little monkeys climbing in it.

Ethan got a free ride by Bob from the top of the mountain back to our car. It was way past nap time and he was not going to use his legs. He was asleep by the time we got down the mountain.

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  1. I love that spot. I think I could drive up there and sit there forever, staring over the valley and toward all of the mountain peaks. Lovely, lovely, lovely.