Friday, August 13, 2010

Salida with Luci

We had lunch at Amica's in Salida, Luci's favorite restaurant in Salida. It's one of our favorites also. It's always consistently good and the food comes out quickly, which is a plus with kids.

After lunch we went to the river. The kids discovered they could walk through the trees to the left.

The kids had fun making their way through the trees. They would start down by the water and end up near the road/boat drop off area, walking through this big section of trees. It was cute. When they were in the trees I couldn't really see them but I could hear them and then all of a sudden they would pop out. It was cute.

Joel was brave and swam in the ice cold water.

Ethan and Evie saw daddy get in his swim suit and so they had to also. Ethan tried to throw Jake a stick to fetch but it was a bit heavy for him. Aunt Luci was cute and helped him. Jake swam after that stick at least 50 times. I think he worked pretty hard swimming against the current.

Evie was brave and wanted to float down the river with daddy until she felt the cold water. She quickly jumped on his back and made him carry her as she was trying not to touch the water.

Even at the end Evie was trying not to touch the water.

She quickly wrapped herself up in a towel and found a sunny spot to warm up.

Ethan wanted a turn in the water. Joel took him out to the middle and soaked his feet knowing he would think it was cold too.

Ethan and his fun daddy.

Joel mid jump off a rock

Ethan got brave enough to soak his bottom. It was cute watching him work up to this...first he squatted and would stand up really fast and eventually he sat down.

Aunt Luci and her puppy Jake. I wish I would have been better about taking more pictures. These two posts are about the only pictures I have of Luci and her trip here. I'll have to get pictures from Luci, she was so good about having her camera with her. It was a good trip, but a fast one. Thanks again Luci for making the trip!!!

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