Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A little quad adventure

Sadly Joel has been sick the past few days. It hit him when he was in Cortez testing with Johnny. By the time he got home he was pretty sick and spent the next few days in bed. I think he read two long books in three days. He is better now and back on his bike and back to being super-dad.
These are pictures from my cell phone.

We went to the wash near the end of the driveway. The kids always have fun digging in the dirt and playing with rocks...or sticks, in this picture.

Did I mention the kids like to play in the dirt?

Another beautiful, perfect day in Colorado.
Evie gathered a beautiful bouquet of flowers and said she was getting married today. (so girl)

Ethan sat in the dirt dumping handfuls of dirt on his shoe (so boy)

Evie and Ethan decorated this tree with lots of flowers. It was cute to watch them gather and decorate.

One of the lucky branches that got decorated.

Evie and I went through the culvert before getting back on the quad and heading back to the house for dinner.

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