Tuesday, August 10, 2010

St. Elmo

We went to St. Elmo to feed the chippers and check out some of the old abandoned mines. We have had such heavy rains though that the road to the mines was closed due to wash outs. We were able to drive about a half mile on the road and found a nice spot to have a picnic lunch.

St. Elmo was busier than I have ever seen it. I'm not sure if it's due to summer's end being only a few weeks away but it was quite busy.

Ethan had more fun playing on the rocks and running around than feeding the chippers this time.

Jack was so patient feeding the chippers. There were so many people though that when he would finally get to feed a chipper someone would walk by and scare it off. He was so sweet and never said a word, he just waited for the next one to come along. He is such a sweet boy.

Emma and Evie feeding a chipper. Emma had great luck feeding them and even petting them.

Joe was smart and went beyond where the crowd was gathered and had good luck feeding the chippers.


A handful of old nails Joel picked up while he watched Ethan and Evie run around the rocks.
After we fed the chippers the kids had fun playing in the river. The water was freezing but the kids never seem to mind.

Delphina, Evie and Ethan tucked in a little clearing in the bushes.

Joel was trying to walk across this fallen tree. He did finally make it but not before soaking himself.

The kids enjoyed hopping from rock to rock. Occasionally they would fall off in the cold water. It was cute to watch them react to how cold the water was.

Evie made it across the fallen tree too. She enjoyed jumping on the end of the tree. It bounced her pretty high.

After we played in the water we tried to drive up to the old mines but the road was closed. We still found a nice place to have lunch.

Joel had fun pushing over dead trees, as usual.

Claudia and Ethan

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  1. I went up to St. Elmo with my sister; I hated that road, though. Maybe it's because I was 6 months pregnant with Noah. It made me feel like I was going to vibrate right off the side of the mountain (washboards + gravel)! Cheers to you for going!