Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sushi Lunch

We made sushi for lunch Friday - the perfect 'no-meat-Friday' food.

Bryce made crab rangoon with Evie's help. Bryce is a good teacher. Bryce is a chef at a university in California and also teaches a cooking class.

Let the rolling begin...

The place we buy our Tuna receives it from Hawaii every other day. We feel lucky to have found a place that sells good tuna because most of the sushi restaurants in town aren't very good. It has been nice to be able to make our own and for way less than a restaurant.

It was a fantastic day to eat outside. Gabriel was really daring and tried everything...and liked it.

Ethan leading his cousin Louis into trouble...

Evie had a lot of fun dressing up with Clare and playing chase with Anderson and Gabriel.

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