Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beautiful spring day

Evie and I had fun playing in the fallen magnolia petals in our neighbors yard. Evie wore her 'wedding' dress and played like it was her wedding day...

She wore her rain boots on her wedding day too...

However, Ethan wasn't so stoked. I'm not sure why. He woke up from his nap grumpy. Usually getting outside makes him happy...this time it didn't.

We went to visit our friends down the street. Evie is inside saying hello through their window.

Ethan and Grace had fun cruising around.

Thanks for the fun play date Grace...and for sharing all your fun toys.

Sarah brought a bucket of water for the kids to dip their glasses in and get a drink. They had fun pouring water on their fancy rain boots.

This evening Ethan helped me water our Evie's fancy Snow White heals. He can walk in heals better than I can.

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