Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Saturday afternoon...

Spring is such an amazing time of year. We missed the harsh winter but I still feel so appreciative that it's spring. The kids love playing outside and in general it's hard not to be happy when I look out and see the kids playing and beautiful flowers popping up everywhere.

Evie has had fun drawing with chalk the past few days. Here is her mama bird with a worm in her mouth. Her baby is flying near her.

I thought this was funny...Evie drew herself getting an x-ray. She said the lines were her spine.

This was at the top of the tree house she drew. This was the 'girls' house. The boy tree house didn't have a flower.

Ethan has had a blast riding Evie's bike. We actually found a bike exactly like this but purple and a size bigger at a second hand store. It was in perfect shape. Now both of our kids have fantastic princess bikes...Poor guy, he has inherited Evie's old pink helmet too. Luckily he doesn't seem to mind...

VIDEO: Ethan on his bike trainer...

VIDEO: Ethan zipping around the back yard on his bike

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