Monday, April 26, 2010

Date night

Grandma and Grandpa Potter brought dinner over and then after dinner Joel and I went on a date night to the movies. We saw 'bounty hunter' which was pretty predictable. The movie we went to the theater to see was not there any longer. The most random thing that happened was half way during the movie the screen went black and someone came in and announced that we were in a tornado watch and advised us not to leave the building....and then the movie restarted. We were surprised when we left the movie theater that it was dry and clear outside.

The kids spent the day playing outside. They are sure busy bees though. I was inside for a few minutes and that was long enough for them to get into the bag of lime for the lawn and spread it all over themselves and the ground. I quickly gave them a bath before grandma and grandpa arrived.

Evie's flower garden.
Grandma and grandpa are so cool! They are easy to admire because they are just perfect being themselves. They have so much love for each other and their friends and family.
Nice work grandma and Evie

And the boys, letting their chicken settle.

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