Tuesday, April 6, 2010


We all anxiously await the big Easter festivities at my Uncle Emil's farm. Days before Easter Evie asks "Are we going to Emil's today? or "is today the Easter egg hunt?" It's always fun to hang out with my mom's family - they are all kids at heart.

This branch was shoved into the ground during a tornado a few years ago. My uncle has not been able to remove it, it's in the ground so deep.

Joel and Evie are on their way to feed the cattle. A few minutes later my dad said "did Evie get poop on her hands? She just walked into the house with poop on her hands" Luckily Joel said he would go check it out...

Sometimes it feels like Ethan is as big as Evie because he's as strong as her but she still has some height on him...

Ethan had fun handing Jeremy handfuls of corn. Jeremy is such a fantastically patient dad...he just kept holding his hands out for more

Finally, let the Easter egg hunt begin...

Ethan knew exactly what to do. He also knew that there was candy inside the wrappers and eggs and ate more candy than he gathered.

Sweet little Evie.

Joel and Ethan sharing a treat

Morgan, Jessica, Louis and Laurie

Morgan giving Ethan a big hug

After the Easter egg hunt was over I looked at Evie and she was just lounging in the sun enjoying a sucker.

My Aunt Margaret snapped our family photo. Looking at this makes me realize why we live in Lincoln. It is so much fun to be from a big family! Thanks mom and dad!!

We went to my parent's house in the evening. We are trying to squeeze in as much time with Jessica as we can before she heads back to Cali on Monday. The week sure went by quickly. I thought this was funny of Ethan...he was painting and all of a sudden he noticed mom's statue. He jumped up and...

...ran over to it and tried to figure out how the birds were attached...

...and then to my surprise he gave St. Francis a big hug...

Ethan loved stacking and unstacking piles of bricks. He would clap for himself also.

Somehow he managed not to pinch his fingers also...


  1. What good looking kids. Were there 13 altogether? All of their parents must be amazing, beautiful people.

    (hee hee hee)

  2. It's all in the genes. Just look at those good looking grandparents.

  3. Isn't our Lord awesome. You can look at each little one and see something from each parent. From eyes, nose, feet, hair; it's such a neat combination. A stranger could walk up and see which are brothers and sisters.