Friday, September 18, 2009

Smith family adventure

We were looking for a long straight piece of timber to rig Ethan's swing (right now it is hanging from a tree and swings crooked). Anyway, Joel said they have been cutting down trees along Raspberry gulch (a jeep road we climb to ride on the 'old' Colorado trail). We later found out that someone purchased 150 acres and the road now goes through their property. We had always thought the whole area was national forest. The land purchased is surrounded by national forest on all 4 sides though. The huge bummer is that we won't be able to ride up the road anymore and won't be able to ride on that section of the Colorado trail anymore since there is no access to it. It really doesn't seem legal to not allow access to an existing trail that is off of a maintained county road.

Straight behind the new green fence post and through the trees is an old abandoned cabin. We used to walk around this area quite a bit before the fence surprisingly went up.

Our adventure got serious when we were driving the jeep up Raspberry gulch and it suddenly stopped. We were a long way from Sunshine Ranch. Joel quickly figured out that it ran out of gas. The gage showed 1/2 full but that was obviously wrong. Joel was able to back the jeep down the hill to a spot he could turn it around. Joel is such an amazing driver that he was actually able to coast the jeep for at least a mile and a half stopping it only a few yards from the furthest point on the smith property. It was still a long run back to the house but it wasn't bad considering where we were.

Evie fell asleep as we were coasting down the hill. Joel ran back to the house to get gas and Ethan and I explored.

Ethan found the rest of a trail head sign and enjoyed lugging it around. Anything that's twice his height or weight...

Only a few yards from where the jeep rolled to a stop is the trail we ride our bikes on to get to the forest. Ethan is in front of the sign at the trail entrance.

The Aspen trees are starting to change color. Pictures don't do the beauty here justice. The hills are full of bright yellow and orange - it's just so beautiful.

Ethan is having fun playing in the dirt. The Chalk Cliffs are the mountains you see in the distance. It is just starting to sprinkle on us too.

Yippee, daddy made it back with gas. Luckily the jeep started right up.

Evie of course is still sacked.

Just as Joel got the jeep started and we were on our way home it started to rain.

Cheese. (I got a bit of water on the lens when I took the picture above). We had fun on our adventure.

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  1. Wow. I've been hiking in Raspberry Gulch. It is beautiful.

    Looks like you guys are livin' it up! Enjoy beautiful Colorado! :)