Thursday, September 17, 2009

On our way to Colorado

We are happily on our way to Colorado again. The 10 hour drive (that takes us 13 hours) is always intimidating but the hard drive is quickly forgotten when we do finally arrive.

We did our usual 'Brady exit - Platte River swim' but it was sprinkling and quite cool. The kids had fun running in the water but mostly played in the sand and didn't totally soak themselves. I didn't take any pictures this time since it looked like it could dump at any minute.

We stopped in Fort Morgan for lunch. Joel dropped the kids and I off at the park and brought back lunch. It was actually HOT in Fort Morgan which was quite the extreme from Brady. The kids had fun playing but it didn't take long for their little cheeks to turn red.

Yippee, daddy's back with lunch. The kids were soooo thirsty too. Evie just settled in and got comfy to drink her milk.

After lunch Evie laid down on the picnic table bench. Ethan quickly ran over to her side of the table and grabbed a few handfuls of grass to throw on her belly...who knows why, but they both laughed. Evie would swipe the grass off and Ethan would do it again.

They got to laughing so hard. Ethan actually laughed so hard he fell over backwards.

After lunch we played in the park for a few more minutes and then walked across the road to feed the geese.

Ethan playing in the sand. It only takes a few minutes in the heat for his face to turn bright red.

Ethan having fun walking around in mommy's shoes.

The geese are a lot more aggressive than the geese at our lakes in Lincoln. I was nervous to feed them at times.

Evie spotted a mommy and her little babies.

Ethan wasn't so sure about the geese...he had a tight hold on daddy's leg and didn't get to far away from us. I think he mostly enjoyed eating the bread.

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