Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Maggie

Evie had fun watching the sun come up. She could see her reflection in the window and played with herself like she does in the mirror.

Good morning to our early riser. It's 6:30am and she has this big smile on her face.

A view from our 6F hotel window and the sun rising through the buildings.

Ethan on his way to the elevator. He's ready for breakfast.

Einstein bagels...yummy!

Evie and her best pal - daddy.

Okay, so I leaned in to take a picture with Ethan and he leaned as far away as he could with out falling out of his highchair...I guess it will be soon enough I get the "mom, you're embarrassing me" bit.

This is more like it...I'll just stay way over here...

Evie went over to the counter to look at the cookies. She ran over to ask Joel if she could have one and a lady working there saw Evie eyeing them and actually brought her a cookie and said she could have it, that they were throwing them away today anyway. Lucky girl, she got a free cookie and got to eat it at breakfast. She was so sweet and shared it with all of us. As soon as we ate our bite she quickly gave us another piece with out saying a word.

Our hotel is right on 16th Street Mall. The kids are pretending to pick flowers and give them to each other to smell. It's funny that Ethan does it too. He plays right along with Evie. She gives him a piece of imaginary cake and he pretends to take a bite. She gives him an imaginary flower and he grabs it from her and puts his hand holding nothing up to his nose, just like her.

A bus just went by and quickly got ALL of his attention.

Okay, the bus has passed and we're back to exchanging imaginary flowers.

In the afternoon we went to Michelle and Bob's to celebrate Maggie's 3rd birthday.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the kids ate only the frosting off their cupcakes and left their cupcakes on their plates.

Ethan was quick to join the girls playing dress up. He loves walking around in shoes that make a cool clomp, clomp when he walks. Hopefully he will be eager to help with real chores soon enough.

Happy Birthday Maggie.

I asked Maggie and Evie to smile so I could take their picture and Ethan ran over next to them and smiled. I thought it was cute he wanted in the fancy picture too.

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